Best Sellers

Japanese Mentaiko Pasta

Al dente Spaghetti or Penne in a creamy and buttery cod fish roe sauce, topped with salmon roe, seaweed and spring onions.


Vongole Clam Pasta

Garlic-infused Spaghetti or Penne with fresh clams, simmered in white wine and chicken broth & spiced up with chillies & parsley.


Wild Mushroom Soup

A rich and creamy soup made from fresh Shiitake, Portobello & Button mushrooms, drizzled with truffle oil and served with warm toasty bread.


Classic Deep-fried Cheese

Deep-fried creamy Brie encased in a crispy shell of breadcrumbs and sesame seeds, accompanied with our Chef’s special tangy jam.


Ondeh Ondeh Cake

Moist & soft Pandan sponge layers filled with Gula Melaka, frosted with Pandan buttercream & topped with shredded coconut.


Fruity Crème brûlée (Seasonal)

Our Chef’s unusual take on the famous Crème brûlée, a combination of fruits and syrup on a bed of rich creamy custard. 


Granny Smith Apple Pie (Seasonal)

Freshly chopped Granny Smith & Pink Lady apples infused with caramel & baked with a buttery crumble mixture. Accompany with our Golden Vanilla gelato (+2.50).


Gelato & Waffle

A crisp & fluffy waffle topped with a scoop of gelato. Waffle with: 

Single scoop Classic 6.80 | Premium 8.40

Double scoop Classic 8.80 | Premium 11.80 

Sparkling Temptations

These refreshing fruity sodas are bubbled onsite at Cuppafield!

Lychee Paradise 4.80

Berry in Sparkling 4.80

Ocean Breeze 4.80

Passion Cooler Tea 4.80